• Origin Rhodes, Greece
  • Genres Mainstream
  • Email info@keysrecords.gr

My name is Enkeleida Tahiraj.
I was born in Albania on a warm Sunday evening.
I had a beautiful childhood full of love and great emotions all whilst there were extreme changes taking place in the economic and political landscape of that isolated, ex-communist, country.

I started learning to play the violin at the age of 5.
It wasn’t my choice, but that’s a different story!
The first 3 years were a disaster with me attempting to give up a lot of times.
Later however,during my school years, when I started learning how to make beautiful sounds and began growing accustomed to using the bow, I realized that I was going to play the violin for the rest of my life.
I emigrated to Greece at the age of 18 and I guess the beginning of my story there is the same as that of most economic migrants so I’m going to skip that part.

I got my degree and diploma at the Hellenic Conservatory in Athens, receiving the highest honors. I collaborated with the Symphony Orchestra of Athens and the National Symphony Orchestra of ERT. At the same time I also did many recording sessions with well known composers and famous singers of the Greek pop and rock scene.
In 2006 Me and Nikos Talaganis created a band called “NOMISMA” and together we made 3 albums and gave many live performances in Greece as well as abroad.
In 2012 we decided to end our musical partnership, but obviously never our friendship.
Today, I live in the beautiful island of Rhodes and continue with my live performances both in Greece and abroad.
I teach the violin at the Hellenic Conservatory of Rhodes and spend my summer nights playing music at the Colorado Club with great friends,musicians and singers,to new audiences every night that always make our nights memorable with their excitement and responses to our performances.

I love reading, travelling, swimming.
Emerald is my favourite color.
I love the smell of the first rainfall in Autumn.
My favourite image is that of my son’s face.
And that is everything.

… Well, almost everything. 🙂


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